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What to wear with moccasin shoes?

Moccasin shoes have invaded the fashionmongers’ wardrobes long ago. They are irreplaceable for everyday wear, for traveling or having a city stroll. Moccasins for all occasions you will find on our website But what to wear with them? It’s high time to start looking for the perfect matches.
         With dress
A summer pinafore dress with bright print and moccasins – is a win-win duo for everyday wear. Complement this image with a floppy hat and a small fringed bag. Jean dresses and shirt dresses will look great with moccasins. At the same time, they should be of A-shape or feature a flared skirt.
      With shorts
Faded jean shorts are a perfect match for red moccasins. The image should be complemented with a shirt with classical red, black and white checks or a T-shirt of relaxed fit. Use a fashionable city backpack as an accessory.
Linen shorts will make friends with moccasins as well – you will get a light summer image. Add a chiffon blouse, a cool jacket and a voluminous bag to it.
      With trousers
The best match for moccasins is shortened pipestem trousers. Shirts, silk or chiffon tops will look great with the trousers. You will get an understated business image for an active woman. Beige or black moccasins are preferable.
It’s not recommended to combine moccasins with formal trouser suits, as well as with wide leg trousers.
       With jeans
Almost all the models of jeans will make a good pair with moccasins. Together they will create an extremely comfortable and relaxed duet – that is ideal for having strolls, trips or just moving around the city.
        With skirt
This type of shoes matches short jean skirts, as well as full sweep skirts. Enhance your image with a jean jacket or waistcoat with a shoulder bag, matching the color of the shoes. A maxi skirt will also make a great pair with moccasins.
     Outdoor clothes
Moccasins are summer shoes, which are worn on bare feet. Therefore, you shouldn’t put them on during the first spring days together with a warm puffer jacket or coat. However, a cool blazer, a jacket or a kimono will look just nice. Don’t forget about long waistcoats as well.

Have a nice choosing!

Guide to Moccasins

The contemporary moccasins may be various according to its type, differed by the materials, which are applied for its manufacture, and also they may be designed for different seasons. The shoe reviews of other types are available at For instance, depending on which season a pair of shoes is designed for, there exist follows subtypes of the moccasins:

- winter (it is considered the moccasins with the fur);

- spring and summer (it is the more broad category, which includes a huge amount of the varieties).

Winter Moccasins

The winter moccasins win over of the comfortable location of the feet and intricate with a modern design. They are perfectly suitable both for active people, staying up for a long time, and for more quiet users, who love the comfort and warmth. There are also high moccasins among the winter models. They will be suited many people’s taste through its design. Such models look like regular moccasins, but the area of a collar is more closed. It is a sort of convenient half-boots, which may be with a thick sole or a low heel.

Summer Moccasins

Summer models are very multifarious. As well as classic leather and chamois moccasins you can find the denim models and shoes made of duck, the moccasins with a wedge sole and lacing, with a heel or platform.


At first glance, the loafers can be identified among the other types of summer moccasins.  They have a heel, an extremely firm sole and are notable for the more formal style. The natural leather is applied for its manufacture, but not the soft sorts of leather, only coarse one. The loafers are ideally suitable for business and formal styles.


Originally the topsiders were designed for wearing at the deck of yachts. As well as the classic models, they have no heel. In contrast to the other models, they have a special outsole, which should keep the owner from the slipping on the deck of a ship. In addition, most frequently the topsiders have lacing for a good fixation of moccasins on the feet.



The slippers are the universal option. The natural leather often used as the basic material. The main difference from the other types of the moccasins is the presence of small cutouts near the tongue. Lacing, lasting and different seams are absent. It is a sort of the combination of the ballet flats and moccasins. The sole is frequently thin, but there also exist the models with a low heel.



The slip-ons are nothing more or less the keds without lacing. So to speak, it is an alternative for the laziest. They usually have a rather thick sole. Such models are made with no heel because it is more like semi-athletic shoes for daily walks in summer days in the park or along the beach. The basic material is not natural leather, but lighter material or duck, which differs by its breathability.



It is light summer footwear. The natural leather is not used, only duck and sometimes the denim. The models may be presented in the original design of the multifarious colors and patterns.